Benefits to Readers

Christian single adults who read and internalize the contents of this book will be thereby equipped to:

  •  Replace faulty approaches to decision making with a biblically valid one;
  •  Gain an awareness of and appreciation for God’s design for singleness, and maximize the opportunities of their present state for personal growth and service to God;
  • Be a counter-cultural witness to God’s goodness, holiness, and grace through the faithful stewardship of their sexuality;
  • Recognize and avoid mistakes commonly made by single adults ;
  • Replace faulty reasons for aspiring to marriage with biblically appropriate ones based on an understanding of and commitment to God’s design for matrimony;
  • Determine suitable criteria for mate selection and develop a prudent game plan for seeking a potential spouse;
  • Identify and address personal issues that call for healing and/or growth – whether one marries or remains single;
  • Make wise marital decisions according to the will of God.