Questions: Chapter 1

  1. How does the moral will of God “touch every aspect and moment of life?”
  2. The “ideal will” view of guidance teaches that in non-commanded decisions, God will tell the believer what to do? How does the perspective of the Way of Wisdom differ?
  3. Identify a particular decision you have made recently. Would any of the three ramifications of Principle #2 (page 29) have applied?  How?
  4. How does the quest for a “wise” choice rather than “the right” choice change one’s approach to decision making? Are there any implications for mate selection?
  5. What decisions loom on the horizon of your life this week? How might the test questions at the very end of the chapter (“Don’t Forget”) assist you in making wise choices?
  6. What was the most significant insight you gained from reading this chapter?