Questions: Chapter 15

  1. Do you know of anyone who attempted to “cross the bridge” before they had met the stated prerequisites (pages 221-222)? How did turn out? How do you account for the outcome?
  2. Have you considered signing up for or some other online dating/mating service?  Do you know of anyone who has made use of one of these services? How did it work out for them?
  3. How would you rate your “social skills quotient?” Do you need to improve? What steps could you take to do that?
  4. What are the merits of Maxson’s Maxims?  Have you seen any of these ideas implemented? What happened? Do you see any problems with his suggestions? What are your best ideas for getting to know another person very well?
  5. Were you aware of the distinctive connotations of agapé, philos, and eros?  What contribution would each make to a healthy marriage? Why would it be important to manage and balance these three expressions of love during courtship?
  6. What is the single most important component of a wise approach to courtship? What are you doing to address this priority?
  7. The author lists five tasks that need to be addressed in a courtship plan.  Can you think of any more?  How will you address each of the tasks you have identified? Write down the specific components of your plan for looking for a mate. Share your ideas with your study group or a trusted friend. Get their feedback.