Questions: Chapter 6

  1. Why is it important to recognize the destructive impacts of sin on marriage and those who marry? Which consequences of sin especially got your attention as you read this chapter?
  2. Is there any practical value to understanding the historical shifts in cultural perceptions of marriage? Can you identify any points at which social influences may be pulling you away from God’s design for singleness or marriage? What is your response?
  3. What is one basic flaw in the third modern myth (page 108)? How might acceptance of this myth produce detrimental consequences in marital decision making?
  4. What is your reaction to the author’s preliminary assessment of cohabitation (pages 109-110)?
  5. The author describes the current context for marital decision making as “chaotic,” and details elements of “the perfect storm.” Does his description match your own observations, or is your cultural setting different? How might the environment of a fallen world affect your experience of marital decision making?  What can you do about that?
  6. What specific insights from this chapter do you think Christian singles need to know about? Why?