Questions: Epilogue

  1. Do you recall the Five Keys to wise marital decision making? As you finish reading this book, it would be a good idea to review them (they are listed on page 15). Which keys need most attention from you at this point?
  2. Were you aware that “human marriage was always intended to point beyond itself to something more ultimate” (pages 235-236)?  Of what value is knowledge of this dimension of marriage to the Christian single who is contemplating marriage?
  3. Were you surprised to learn that there will be no human marriage in heaven? Why is this a good thing?
  4. “Sometimes we need help keeping marriage in its place” (page 236). What does this statement mean? How would the content of this chapter help Christian singles to do that?
  5. Is it helpful to know how the Story of Marriage will end? What are the benefits of this knowledge to single Christians?
  6. From what you learned in this chapter, do you need to make any adjustments to your Profile of a Keeper?