Questions: Introduction to Part 2

  1. Which aspects of Nancy’s experience most resonate with you? How has your situation been different?
  2. In what ways are the challenges encountered by single men similar to those of single women? How are they different?
  3. What are some reasons for the widespread acceptance of modern myth 2? Can you identify the flaws in this myth?
  4. As a single person, how have you been affected by the expectations of others – especially family members and friends? What are some risks of reacting to pressure from others? Which individuals have been most encouraging to you? How and Why?
  5. This chapter asserts that the treatment of single adults by many churches is counterproductive to their well-being in several ways. How does the picture painted in these pages compare with your experience? What do you think would be a constructive response?
  6. This introduction is largely critical of the status quo. Do you find anything hopeful in these pages?
  7. What was the most significant insight you gained from reading this chapter?