Endnotes: Chapter 9

  1. For instance, see 1 Corinthians 7:39. Even Neal Clark Warren concurs. In an article titled, “The Soul Mate Solution: Is There One Perfect Person for You?,” Warren speculates that “there are five hundred—probably more—women with whom I could be extremely happily married.” (http://www.theweddingplanninginstitute.com/?Neil_Clark_Warren3a)
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  4. “Caring for children appears to be a physical and psychological drain that can be detrimental to intimacy and self-actualization in today’s marital relationships…When spouses consider the goal of self-actualization as primary, they do not want to make the necessary sacrifice in time, money, and energy that the rearing of children requires in our culture.” Diana S. Richmond Garland and David E. Garland, Beyond Companionship: Christians in Marriage (Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Press, 1986), 84.
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