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For Your Information

Modern Myth #1: As a Christian, you can expect God to “tell” you whether to marry and whom to marry.

Introduction to Part 1: God’s Design for Decision Making

Chapter 1: Obeying God’s Moral Will

Chapter 2: Trusting God’s Sovereign Will

Modern Myth #2: Marriage is fundamentally a “couples relationship” designed to meet the sexual and emotional needs of the spouses. Therefore, the key to a successful marriage is to find and marry one’s “soul mate.”

Introduction to Part 2: God’s Design for Marriage

Chapter 3: Marriage in a Perfect World

Chapter 4: The Marring and Makeover of Marriage

Chapter 5: Balancing Marriage

Chapter 6: The Ultimate Marriage

Modern Myth #3: Singleness should be regarded as a transitional state en route to the ultimate destination of marriage. Problems stemming from the “incompleteness” of singleness are resolved by marriage.

Introduction to Part 3: God’s Design for Singleness

Chapter 7: Eunuchs for Yeshua

Chapter 8: Singleness and the Will of God

Chapter 9: Single Choices

Modern Myth #4: The best way to determine compatibility with a prospective mate (and thus reduce the likelihood of marital failure) is to live together prior to marriage.

Introduction to Part 4: God’s Design for Sex

Chapter 10: God’s Purposes for Sex(uality)

Chapter 11: Sex and the Moral Will of God

Chapter 12: Sex and the Single Christian

Chapter 13: Cohabitation: A Dangerous Liaison

Modern Myth #5: The most important criterion for a good marital match is chemistry.

Introduction to Part 5: Looking for a Mate

Chapter 14: Top Ten Missteps to a Miserable Marriage

Chapter 15: Profile of a “Keeper”

Chapter 16: Calculating Compatibility

Chapter 17: Courtship: Getting Our Bearings

Chapter 18: Courtship: Devising the Plan